Some topics are so important that they require more than a blog post! Hugh has pulled from his experience with employee management, business development, sales, and marketing to bring you these great resources. These books are meant to help you in your day to day operations and to live on your desk as a reference guide for every emergency that might arise.

The 31-Day Workforce Turnaround: One Month to a Happier You and a More Productive Crew came from the collected experiences around managing staff. While the stories come from agriculture and entertainment, the book’s principles are applicable to anyone managing a team. Hugh has been working on the farm, on a team, then leading teams throughout his life. In the process of creating the Agritourism Manager Boot Camp, Hugh collected stories, processes and life-changing anecdotes, then formatted the collection into a 31-Day program, with just 1-3 pages per day, then an exercise to practice with one’s own team. On launch, The 31-Day Workforce Turnaround rose to #1 New Release on Amazon’s Agriculture book list. 

Customers Coming Out of Your Ears: 51 Quick Ways to Grow Customers & Profits Using Tools You Already Have presents 51 practical tactics to boosting sales and profits in your business. Hugh collected years of experience, plus trial and error experimentation in marketing fruit, admissions, wine, bakery products and more and compiled it into one reference guide. Skip around the easy to read, short chapters, then get to work! This book is meant to sit on your desk for the moment you need marketing inspiration.