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5 Wins Before Work.

We’ve had some decorative snows, and temps cool enough to keep the fruit blossoms safe so far!

5 Wins Before Work.

Ever wonder what we think about during the off season? Well there’s plenty of work getting things ready for next year, but I get a little time to think about life, too. Hope you enjoy, Spring’s just around the corner…

I’ve always been a “maximizer” personality. I believe I was put on this Earth to do the very best and the very most with the abilities I’ve been given because, as you find out, when you attend funerals as a kid, time runs out.

To that end, I’ve read countless books, followed innumerable plans, bought into systems, joined mastermind groups, held mastermind groups, hired a business coach, set goals, and then created a Goal Setting program called “A Goal Without A Plan is a Wish” that I still use to this day myself, and on and on in an effort to do more, build more, grow more, and be more.

I know it sounds exhausting. My wife, the Lovely Miss Janine, can attest that it can be exhausting to be me and sometimes to be with me.

But, after this lifetime of striving, seeking, failing, and finding, the question becomes, “What sticks? What stays around after the shiny newness wears off of the latest, greatest life hack?”

5 Wins before work. I’ve found that my mental acuity, well-being, ability to deploy energy as needed, and focus are best when I do five things before work. I know decoding morning routines is not new, but I’ll share my routine, which is a habit that sets me up for a successful day. If you want to try it, do it!

WIN #1: No snooze.

When my alarm goes off at 5:59 am, I get up, no snooze button. Why? Snoozing never helps. If you set your alarm for whatever time, then that’s the time you get up. If you hit snooze, you aren’t being true to your nighttime self. You aren’t being truthful, reliable and diligent with yourself. Plus, you’ll want that extra 8-10mins.

WIN #2 Workout.

Anxiety HATES exercise. When I start the morning running, lifting, doing a video, or even just a stretch and foam rolling day, I feel so much better inside and out. Our farm jobs that require a healthy body to avoid injury anyway, so kicking the day off with exercise is protection for ourselves. My favorite side benefit is how incredible a refreshing shower feels and how food tastes better after a workout.

WIN #3 Make breakfast.

I cook a hot breakfast, nothing fancy often, just eggs & toast, for Janine and me each morning. It is a service I’m providing to the woman I love, giving us both delicious energy for the day. You never know if lunch will happen and when dinner might happen, but you can control breakfast.

WIN #4 Talk with each other.

Maybe I’ve trapped her with a hot breakfast, but Janine and I get to sync up our day, share anecdotes from podcasts, talk about the kids, and connect for a few precious minutes. It’s never a big deal; it’s just a big deal to do it repeatedly. If you are working hard but not connecting with the most important people in your life, then what’s it all for?

WIN #5 Make the bed.

You might be familiar with the Admiral who discussed the importance of making your bed in a now-famous graduation speech. It really struck home for me. He said, [summarized] “No matter how hard your day was, what trials you went through, the good or the bad, or how tired you were whenever you got back. You arrive [home] to a fresh bed, clean and crisp, made for you by your own hands welcoming you to rest.” Wow, that sounds pretty great after a long day at work, right?


  • What if you started your day with 5 Wins Before Work?
  • Is it easier to have more wins during the day if you start off the day winning?
  • Does it feel better to be consistently faithful to your own intentions?
  • Have you noticed how much better you feel when you purposefully move your body?
  • After the last hard day, what if you came home to find a clean, fresh bed made by your hands waiting to welcome you for rest? How would that feel?

I’ll get back to farm stuff soon enough, though, for me, the personal stuff fuels my ability to take care of business.

Have a great week,


PS We’ve a new addition on the farm! Farmer Matt got a NEW corn planter and a NEW giant tractor that’s so advanced it know where it is on the Earth down to ONE Centimeter accuracy. We’ll have more pictures and videos as Spring planting commences!

Around the farm this winter… Cleo the Cat.

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