Speaking & Virtual Speaking

Hugh McPherson speaking at a NAFDMA convention

Every year since 2000, Hugh has traveled to conventions and meetings using his unique blend of technical knowledge, hands-on experience, and humor to deliver useful messages attendees can use. High energy sessions are paired with handouts to bring home the message. Positive, encouraging stories, and examples round out keynote presentations. Technical seminars ensure that attendees leave with work completed to implement back on the job.

Virtual Speaking Engagements

In this virtual world, communication is key. Getting information to your members and attendees is critical. It can also be BORING!

Not with Hugh. Virtual or in person, Hugh is a dynamic speaker, totally fluent in Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, and any other platform you might choose.

Don’t settle for a laptop and headphones in someone’s living room. Hugh built a studio in his office with a green screen, LED lighting, dual monitors, even an assistant to help if your tech staff is busy.

Hugh built the studio BEFORE this crisis for leading Mastermind Groups, holding client meetings and providing consulting support to operations around the world.

You get all Hugh has to offer and you SAVE on travel expenses. Book Hugh for your virtual event now, even on short notice as travel and scheduling is straightforward.

Keynote Topics

Before. With. After.

Hugh tells the story of his family farm in the arc of “Before. With. After.”  One must honor those who have come before, thank and enjoy the present with family and staff around you, then plan for the inevitable time after. This poignant presentation parallels successful and cautionary tales of farms in transition. The message to take positive action to simplify and align crops, business units and vision yields encouragement to attendees.


“Interesting things happen at intersections.” This reflective, motivational speech was delivered to over 1,000 York County Honor Society students, parents, and faculty during graduation week.

Speaking Topics

Social Advertising: DECODED 400 Level
Presentation or Workshop plus Q&A
Social media posts are great, but the future is in maximizing your marketing budget using social advertising. Dive deep into the methods, tips and direct instructions to make your Facebook and Instagram ads convert into revenue.

A Goal Without A Plan Is A Wish 300 Level
Presentation plus Q&A or Full Workshop

Ever find you can’t get everything? Battle procrastination? See your dreams slipping away with time? Attendees learn how to make goals magnetic. Use magnetic goals to create energy that pulls you to the finish line.

Cross-Marketing Multiplier 200 Level
Presentation plus Q&A

Make a plan to get the most out of what you have. Do you offer a successful PYO but want to begin hosting weddings on your farm? Are you known for your corn maze but want to launch a winery? How do you use your customer base to launch new products and extract more dollars from your existing attractions. In this session, you will learn the strategies to maximize cross-marketing campaigns to effectively promote products and services to the people who already love you. Learn how Maple Lawn Farms used cross-marketing to launch Maple Lawn Winery from $0 to $86,000 in sales in 13 months.

Stack-vertising 200 Level
Presentation plus Q&A

Get the most for your advertising dollars. It’s a brave new world where new media abounds. Attendees learn from our experience with Radio, Print, TV, Google, Constant Contact email management, and USPS ClicktoMail.com. The presentation ends with examples of Nth degree direct marketing and overlooked, new-media opportunities.

Adventures In Delegating 200 Level
Presentation plus Q&A

You can’t do it all by yourself. Your growth and success depend heavily on your ability to delegate tasks to your team. But how? Use our system to engage your staff, plan your processes, and get more DONE with your team.

Herding Cats: How to Effectively Train & Manage Employees 200 Level
Presentation plus Q&A

Ever feel like you are “herding cats” instead of managing your business? Ever feel like no one is listening and the “Don’t make kids like they used to”? Employees are routinely the source of angst for business owners everywhere, but what if there were a different way to structure your employee environment?

One, Not Everyone: Exception Customer Service – 200 Level
Presentation plus Q&A
Ticketed admission is great for the general public, but parties and groups like packages. Using examples from the flagship operation, attendees learn package pricing, activity choices, and activity balance for profitability.

One-Day Board Meeting 200 Level
Presentation plus Q&A
Get your team on the same page with an outline for the next season of your business growth. In one hour, you’ll receive the outline for leading your team through a board meeting that touches the crucial areas to synchronize in your business.

Your pricing is wrong, and I can prove it. 100 Level
Presentation plus Q&A
Your prices aren’t high enough. Is revenue stuck? Are you finding à la carte pricing means customers pay the least? This presentation lays out a road map to successfully transitioning your business to admission – the right way.

Agritainment Today 
100 Level
Presentation plus Q&A

Ever notice there are a lot of cornfield mazes around? Innovation beyond the cornfield maze will drive agricultural entertainment in the future. Maize Quest’s Discovery Maze Catalog was the first step, this presentations takes off from the catalog’s pages to explore what is possible for mazes of the future.

Innovative Promotions 100 Level
Presentation plus Q&A

Promotions aren’t just discounts! Make sure you know “Whatcha got”, “What you’re givin’” and “Whatcha want” before you try some of these promotion ideas.

Cornfield Mazes: Turn a walk in the stalks into an experience. 100 Level
Presentation plus Q&A

Got a field? Got a mower? Get a maze? Yeah, right. Cornfield maze entertainment is a lot more than knocking down stalks and taking money. Explore what can truly be done with ingenuity, imagination, and a cornfield.

Hayride Safety Course 100 Level
Presentation plus Q&A

Safety with your tractors and wagons is the #1 priority. Learn the best practices, recent innovations, and NEW safety standards coming to the industry to keep your rides safe.

Custom Topics
If you’d like to mix and match presentations, contact Hugh directly to have a conference designed specifically for your attendees.

As the Education & Operations Manager for the North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association, I am responsible for vetting and selecting speakers for the Educational Program at our organization’s annual conference. Hugh McPherson ranks at the top of my list due to his subject knowledge on production, marketing, staffing and event management. His sessions are always full, his personality is engaging, and his ability to educate and inspire our attendees always garners outstanding reviews on our post-event surveys.  I would highly recommend Hugh McPherson as a session presenter, as he has always created an exceptional experience for our attendees.

Jeff Winston
Education and Operations Manager, NAFDMA

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