Hugh stands for Positive. Business. Action.

Positive energy. In small and family businesses, life inevitably intertwines with business. You must do what you love. You must bring positive energy to every interaction with guests, clients, colleagues, and your family. Hugh brings positive energy even to the most challenging topics as he write blogs, films videos and records podcasts. 

Business focused. Hugh explores ideas related to growing, marketing, and building your business. His experience spans half a dozen industries, and that real, practical experience informs each piece of content. Wine making, fruit growing, pick-your-own, corn mazes, event marketing, festival operations, attraction design, social media, and online marketing are all hands-on resources in his toolbox. 

Action. Ideas are nice. Theory is nice, but ACTION wins the day. Hugh stands for full accountability and massive action. If you resonate with a message of hope and growth through hard work and perseverance, you’ll enjoy what Hugh offers here.