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About endings, deadlines, and being told “No.”

Any time something comes to an end, it brings a touch of grief. Loss of a loved one, sure, but simple things like the end of a youth soccer season or completion of a child’s 4th grade year. Each ending brings a touch of grief, but why?

We operate within our patterns and our habits. The longer we do or say the same thing, the longer we are a part of a group or participate in an activity, the more ingrained the routine of it all, the more comforting the practice.

Breaking, ending or starting something new comes with pain.

Try to begin a new healthy lifestyle and you’re treated to dose after dose of pain. Sore muscles, different foods, and early alarms for the workouts.

Pain. Deadlines are painful, yet I’d never get these blogs written if time wasn’t marching inevitably forward threatening to slip through my fingers before this final weekend on the farm.

Do you need deadlines? I need them for nearly every activity of life! Why, we each go to work because of the looming deadline of bills due, pantries empty and vacation dreams to fulfill.

“No.” One fo the most powerful words in any language is No. It is my supposition that people need to say No and kids need to be told No more often.

  • No. That behavior will not be tolerated.
  • No. I can’t stay late, my daughter has a concert.
  • No. You don’t have to play baseball 365 days of the year at age 9.
  • No. I’m spending time with my wife that weekend.

We’ve said “No” to a lot of “opportunities” over the years.

  • No Christmas Light Show.
  • No terrifying Halloween.
  • No grapes.
  • No Egg Hunts
  • …and on and on.

You might think those are great ideas, and some are, but for someone else. We’ve decided to say No.

The upcoming ending and deadline…

THIS is the final weekend at the farm for the 2023 season.

It is your last chance for apples, cider slushies, cider donuts, Alien Adventure Corn Maze, bouncing like a crazy person on the jump pads, riding the Mega Slide, mining for gems, riding the pedal karts, climbing the dinosaurs, and enjoying a glass of wine on the porch at the market.

Yep, it’s kind of a bummer, but you still have a BEAUTIFUL weekend’s worth of weather to enjoy yourselves out on the farm.

The deadline is Sunday at 7pm.

Say “No” to watching TV, scrolling on phones, staying in the house, and running errands.

Say “YES” to enjoying this final weekend, to soaking up precious time with your friends & family.

See you soon, one final weekend, down on the farm,

Farmer Hugh

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