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Fear of missing out, when it’s real and when it’s not.

We’ve all felt FOMO. Sometimes it’s real. Other times, it indicates something else is missing…

For instance, if missing an event makes you feel like a particular group of people won’t include you in their group – It’s your internal lack of self-worth exhibiting as fear.

If missing a business trip makes you feel like everyone else will get the sale, be better friends at the office or be more financially successful, that is STILL not a reason to go. It means you have a fear of being excluded.

If you have a “fear of missing out” on time with your family because you could squeeze in a few extra proposals or send a dozen more emails – That’s what you have to watch out for.

It all comes down to values. Your values interplay with your internal fears and external pressures all the time.

My “for instance,” this week,

We are working so hard to have two great final weekends at the farm with apples, pumpkins, and guests; we have to order supplies, update the phone system, and on and on and on.
Last night I looked at my wife, The Lovely Miss Janine, and realized that I hadn’t been out on a date with her since Sept 23rd.
She said, “Oh babe, you’ve been working so hard; I know you’re tired; it’s fine…”
As any husband will know, that does not mean it’s “fine.” It’s not “fine” for her – she desires better! And it’s not “fine” for me – I love my time with her!
So, whatever happens, today, by 5:30 PM, I’m out the door and on a date.

I do have a Fear Of Missing Out. I have FOMO for the really important stuff, like, talking to a beautiful woman over a bowl of French Onion soup, far from the worries of the farm.

What do you value? I hope, if it suits, you’ll visit us and escape your hectic life. Just two weekends remain, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the smiles, the laughs, the excitement, or the flavors of one last Fall Harvest Hurrah on the farm.

See you soon,

Farmer Hugh

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