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“Messages in the Maze”


Ever wonder how to reach kids today? How about teenagers?! Maybe you need some Messages from the Maze…

Hey Friends,

As my kids have grown and progressed through various stages and ages, we’ve noticed that our family gets more out of life when we live in the present; in this very moment.

My kids are 17 & 15 now, so my wife and I have been through preschool age activities, PTO functions, and Vacation Bible School. Now we’re into youth symphony, marching band, cross country, swimming, and so many more.

The trick is living each year, each phase “in the moment”. Each group you are a part of becomes the present group of friends, parents and social interaction. We’ve had groups we’ve merely “been in” and groups with which we really “connected”.

Connected is more enriching and more FUN.

That’s where Maize Quest comes in. We created the maze & fun park as a haven for groups. Each year hundreds of scout troops, school students and youth groups explore the mazes. Those group members leave more connected by the adventurous experience at Maize Quest.

Top 5 “Messages” your group learns in the maze:

  1. Quality time together, working as a team. The maze is bigger than any one person, so your group members HAVE to work together to solve it.
  2. Discussions start with experience. You can talk yourself blue in the face about making decisions as a team, listening to others, providing feedback OR you could throw your group members into a LIVE environment. Inside the maze, if you don’t listen to each other and therefore make wrong turns, you get INSTANT feedback – You’re lost!
  3. Outdoors trumps classroom every time. You know how it is in schools – Study for the test indoors, when kids were meant to explore. Moving your body while using your mind is the most effective way to cement a lesson into young brains.
  4. Collaborative play. All our attractions are kid-powered, brain-powered fun. Work together, race pedal karts, bounce in the Jump Zone, zoom down the slide. In a hilarious turn of events, GROWN-UPs in today’s modern workplace are paying consultants to teach them how to play again so they can interact and connect. Really?! Kids already KNOW this is the best for building strong social bonds.
  5. Connect to the land and your food. Even as late as 1930, nearly HALF of America spent their lives working in agriculture, now that number is less than 2%. We, as a society, have lost the connection to growing our food. Even just visiting a farm, expands your group’s understanding of the real land, real plants and real people involved in feeding the world.

Hey, I’m passionate about welcoming you and your group to our farm, but in the end, do it for yourself; do it for your group members. They will leave the experience more connected and ready to work together.

They will explore a whole lot more than the maze, and they will find much more than just the exit.

NOW is the time to get your group a reserved adventure time for Fall.

Michelle is taking reservations each and every day, so CLICK the red button, check your phone number, and ask her to call you as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to host you and your group for a meaningful, people-connecting adventure on the farm.

See you soon in the stalks!

Hugh, The Mazemaster


This is Michelle Posey, our Group Tour Director for 23 seasons! Call her at 717-862-4810 or email at You could have your group booked over lunchtime TODAY.

Note: If you have already booked online or with Michelle, you are ALL GOOD! We can’t chance leaving out anyone who wants to visit , so you might receive this even after you have booked.

Thank you & don’t worry 🙂

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