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Sentry Peaches are ready, come & get’em + Jade Nectarines

Great News: Peaches are HERE! “Sentry” peaches, a delicious, semi-freestone peach on on the trees and ready to pick for the weekend. We also have Jade & Eastern Glo Nectarines and Blueberries – Make an efficient trip and get ALL THREE!

Sentry are SEMI-CLING, so they come free from the pit when ripe, but are not technically ‘freestone” peaches – but they sure are tasty!

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Maple Lawn Farms

Peach Season begins!

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Dad brought in a peachy treat from the orchard and, like a tsunami, once one peach was ready, we now have boxes and boxes off to our wholesale customers and lots to pick for YOU, our guests!

Peach season is here, and if you haven’t before tasted a fresh, juicy peach from the tree, ooooooooh, mommy, you are missing out.

They are SO juicy, you’ll want to eat one while you are picking! Remember that you can place your order with Miss Dee and the gang BEFORE you go out to the orchard, and they can bake something fresh for you while you pick!

Peaches are ready!

See you soon on the farm,

Farmer Hugh

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