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Your decisions matter, especially to farmers.

All the eligible McPhersons will vote today, but how do you vote daily? Your choices really matter, particularly to farmers.

Your decisions matter, especially to farmers.

Hey Friend,

If you were able, thank you for voting today. Voting is a rare privilege in this world that we often take for granted. Voting rights weren’t granted to anyone before the founding of this nation!

It’s poetic to talk about voting right before the final weekend of the 2020 Fall Harvest Season on the farm. Yes, just ONE weekend of fun and adventure remain!

I want to talk with you about other important choices and decisions you make, have made, and hopefully choose to make often in the future. The choice YOU can make is to shop locally and visit local businesses FIRST before defaulting to purchasing from a faceless mega-corporation is the MOST crucial choice.

It is vitally important now more than ever. When you shop at the farm, you are keeping two McPherson families on the land of our forefathers, with my kids being Generation 6!

But you are also supporting… local pie bakers, cider makers, jam makers, a plexiglass shop, three print shops, two sign printers, the tractor parts place, a seed dealer, farmers who grew the seed, a local electrician, a plumber, an excavator, a mechanic, an HVAC guy, an Amish neighbor, our local hardware store, our restaurant supply place in York, our 70+ full & part-time employees PLUS all of the other businesses’ employees!

Your choices, your decisions to spend dollars locally really matter. All you spend with us stays in the local community, in local taxes, and with local families.

So thank you for ‘voting’ for us. We are just one small business in one small town in America, so every vote counts! Your patronage and support to our farm has kept the whole farm, maze & winery team motivated and sustained throughout 2020’s crazy season.

You are actively supporting us, and you are appreciated here! You can see it in our smiles when you visit:-)

See you soon,

Farmer Hugh

PS Keep an hour on December 5th open on your calendar, we’re working on a surprise for you we’ll launch next Monday…

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