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The 31-Day Workforce Turnaround

The 31-Day Workforce Turnaround: One month to a happier you and a more productive crew

The 31-Day Workforce Turnaround: One month to a happier you and a more productive crew book came from the collected experiences around managing staff. While the stories come from agriculture and entertainment, the book’s principles are applicable to anyone managing a team. Hugh has been working on the farm, on a team, then leading teams throughout his life. In the process of creating the Agritourism Manager Boot Camp, Hugh collected stories, processes and life-changing anecdotes, then formatted the collection into a 31-Day program, with just 1-3 pages per day, then an exercise to practice with one’s own team. On launch, The 31-Day Workforce Turnaround rose to #1 New Release on Amazon’s Agriculture book list.

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