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The Lowe’s have been visiting for 3 years longer than Farmer Hugh has been alive.

Pumpkin picking is for families! FINAL weekend of pumpkin picking on the farm, so bring your family for some fun, then head to the patch on the FREE wagon ride.

Apple Orchards FINAL PYO Orchard Weekend! 

We will have apples in bins in the market thru Nov 3, 2019. We have to save the apples from falling to the ground.

Red Chief, Smoothee Gold, Empires, JonaGold, Stayman, Rome, York

Regular Orchard & Market Hours: Mon-Sat 8AM-5PM, Sun 1PM-7PM

Regular Winery Hours: Sat 12PM-5PM, Sun 1PM-5PM

Regular Maize Quest: Fri 10AM-10PM, Sat 10AM-10PM, Sun 1PM-7PM

Farm Market & Maize Quest Corn Maze

Open Thru November 3rd



“Family traditions on the farm.”

Our family maintains some silly traditions. It drove my wife crazy when she realized that at Christmas time, we open gifts one at a time, from youngest to oldest, each waiting in turn for the current opener to finish opening and enjoying the gift.

That takes a LOOOOONG time, but it came from not having many gifts when times were tough in the Depression and lived on through my childhood.

I just spoke with the Lowe family and they had been coming for apples 3 years before I was born! It’s so fun to talk with guests about their family traditions around visiting the farm. How their kids, and now grandkids always ask about picking peaches when they visit in the summer. How many years the scouts has been camping (since 2003 for Troop 196).

It’s these traditions that become touchstones for our kids, the anchors to family memories.


Soon, like all good things, the Fall season will come to an end. We hope you get to visit before the golden leaves fall from the trees that frame the apple orchard as you look out from the corn maze tower.

We hope you get to soak in the fresh, crisp air as you hike up Maze Mountain.

Make a new tradition or simply enjoy one more day on the Jump Pad, riding pedal karts and savoring apple cider donuts before you hunker down for winter. You’ll never be sorry you took that one extra day to get outside, play together and enjoy the farm.

See you this weekend on the farm,

Farmer Hugh

PS LAST CHANCE – Pumpkins are $.75/lb, but NO pumpkin costs you more than $12.00! It’s the BEST DEAL ANYWHERE, especially for all the specialty pumpkins we have… until they are GONE!

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