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187,000 Sunflowers in Bloom at the 3rd annual Sunflower Festival


ALL the sunflowers are blooming! Read all the details in our official media release, then plan your day and click above to get your tickets.

Sunflowers are the “Happiest Crop on Earth” at Maple Lawn Farms, host of the 3rd Annual Sunflower Festival Aug 9-11 and 16-18, 2019. The farmers have planted over 187,000 sunflower seeds for 2019’s event, and many varieties produce more than one bloom per seed.

This sunflower field is no ordinary ‘patch.’ This year’s field, the size of 10 football fields combined, features special plantings in a display garden, the “Big Field of Yellow”, the “Red Sea”, “The Wilds” and “Land of the Giants.” Each area highlights the wide variety of sunflowers. No longer limited to a single yellow blossom, guests walk among fiery orange starbursts, dark crimson reds, lemon yellows, and Teddy-Bear-puff-ball-shaped flowers


“Sunflowers capture the hearts of young and old alike,” says Hugh McPherson, now the head sunflower farmer at Maple Lawn Farms. “Visiting the field just brings joy to your heart and a smile to your face.”

The kids’ area is called “Land of the Giants” and is planted with Skyscraper, Kong and Russian Mammoth varieties that can grow up to 12-feet-tall. Thousands of the giant sunflowers were planted with pathways for guests to explore. The towering flowers greet guests as they disembark from the wagon ride to the sunflower patch.

“It’s just so fun to watch guests discover new, different varieties, shapes and colors,” says Jenny Clendenen, Maple Lawn Farms Event Manager. “It’s not just for kids, but everyone feels like a kid.”

Maple Lawn Farms offers pick-your-own cherries, blueberries, peaches, apples and pumpkins, so offering pick-your-own sunflowers fits right in. Each guest gets to hand select their favorite sunflower bloom to pick, clip and take home. Additional sunflowers by the half dozen or dozen are available as well, each cut fresh from the field.

Guests park at the Maize Quest Fun Park, then take a wagon ride to the sunflower patch. Inside the sunflower field, a huge white tent awaits visitors providing shade, food service, LIVE music, and Maple Lawn Farm Market’s Bakery treats. The on-site Maple Lawn Winery offers wine tastings and wine by the glass for guests 21 years or older.

“It is an Instagrammer’s dream,” says Michelle Posey, Maple Lawn Winery’s sales manager. “The shapes, sizes and colors are incredible. Nothing like this field of flowers exists anywhere to get your pictures!”

The field is HUGE, so you’ll have plenty of room to walk around, enjoy time together and get great pictures of your friends & family. Attendees SAVE big with pre-purchase tickets, by day to ensure everyone gets plenty of time to enjoy the sunflowers.

See you soon in the fields of flowers!

Farmer Hugh

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