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Battle tested by the industry in 2021 with HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of slide riders at DOZENS and DOZENS of farms!

Hugh takes the guesswork out of the new stuff for you, mainly by making all the mistakes so you don’t have to… Super Mega Ride-n-Slide® is a hit!

Deadlines are set:

  • December 1st, 2021 – Scheduled for April Delivery
  • December 31st, 2021 – Scheduled for May Delivery
  • After that – Currently IN DOUBT.

Don’t miss out creating NEW combo tickets, up-sells, and “Unlimited Ride Passes”, PLUS saving on your taxes (a potential 28% savings), and getting installed for Spring festivals. Dec 1st orders should be to your farm in time for Strawberry season!

The containers filling up & overseas shipping take a long time, so connect soon to be included.

CLICK BELOW, learn more and connect with us – Initial order deadline is December 1, 2021. Get 2022 started now.

Big attraction innovations only happen every few years. This is one of those years.
CLICK to Watch our Fox43 News Anchor go for a ride!

The Super-Mega Ride-n-Slide is NEW from Maize Quest and now proven to increase revenue.

  • Pumpkin patches were a big innovation.
  • Corn mazes were a big innovation.
  • Barrel trains, Jump pads, Pedal karts were innovations.
  • Recently food service has become a big innovation in agritourism.
  • Sunflower Festivals have swept the industry thanks in part to our Sunflower Mastermind Group.
  • Now, it’s the Super-Mega Ride-n-Slide!

What do you hear every year from your guests…

“We love coming every season, but What’s New?!?”

The Super-Mega Ride-n-Slide is much more than another drainage pipe slide or burlap on a truck liner, it’s a “Ride”. It’s the best kind of amusement ride, because it doesn’t have any mechanical parts to fail!

Cross-pollinated from the resort industry, we went direct to the manufacturer. In the resort world, it’s nothing to spend a hundred and fifty thousand on a new attraction. At those prices, not many of us in agritourism could afford an attraction like the Mega Slide. We went direct to the manufacturer to secure a much more reasonable deal on materials.

The Maize Quest Fun Park is always the trial run, but the trial is OVER. We built, did the design troubleshooting, and operated this first-ever, farm-installed attraction throughout the 2020 season. Now, after dozens of real, on-farm installations in 2021, we have PROVEN the revenue increase the Mega Slide creates.

Ready to learn more? Click now to visit the FREE Videos about the Mega Slide, then call and discuss the impact Mega Slide created on our farm in a single season.

The important details:

  • The FIRST of only TWO ordering deadlines is December 1, 2021.
  • We’re ordering in bulk so we can reduce import and shipping costs.
  • You should already have attendance over 5,000 guests per year, or the Mega Slide won’t have the dramatic impact it can have.
  • You SHOULD charge a gate admission and be willing to at least consider following the included pricing plan.
  • INCLUDED is FREE visit to our home farm, help with site planning, & combo pricing consulting with Maize Quest, the build plans, videos, operational handbook, Ride Safety Manual, opening and closing checklists, and more!

Can’t wait to talk with you!


PS If you can’t wait to talk to us about the Mega Slide, give me a call at 717-862-4691.

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