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Winterizing your friends and kids with FUN.

Frost-tipped maple leaf I found this chilly morning. The seasons are changing quickly on the way into our final weekend. Hot apple cider anyone?

LAST WEEKEND is Nov 5-7, 2021 -> Farm, Maze & Winery Open Hours

Farm Market: Mon-Sat 8AM-5PM, Sun 1PM-5PM

Bakery: Fri-Sat 8AM-5PM, Sun 1PM-5PM

Winery: Sat 12PM-5PM, Sun 1PM-5PM – Stock up! Final Weekend!

Maize Quest: Friday & Saturday 10AM-10PM with Flashlight Nights, Sun 1PM-7PM

You might have noticed the temperatures are dropping down winter-low this week. I almost always forget one garden home reel, one outdoor faucet, some potted plant, and have it freeze solid in the first big cold snap.

I’m determined not to go through that this year and, more immediately, this WEEK. We are running around winterizing the new bathrooms at the maze, sinks in the buildings, the Miner Max Sluice, and I am NOT losing the hose reel at my house this year!

That all got me thinking: We are about to go into the Pennsylvania winter of dreary gray skies, chilly mornings, leaf-bare trees, and our psyche need a little winterizing, too.

I don’t know about you, but the sun fills my spirit with optimism. My kids and their friends fill me with gratitude. Walking the gravel roads around the farm with my wife lifts my mood.

Taking time in this way is a form of ‘winterizing’ one’s soul from the oncoming winterSure, I like to snuggle up and read a book on a Sunday afternoon as snow falls outside, but winter’s short days and outdoor work can be a grind.

This is the final weekend of the 2021 season. While the apples are off the trees and safely in the farm market, the pumpkins are picked, farm market bakery is making warm treats.

The corn maze’s final days and Flashlight Nights will be filled with adventure. Mega Slides will produce squeals of delights. The Cow Train & Hidden Gem Railroad will spark joy.

It’s one magical last weekend under the clear, cool York County sky, slowly turning orange and purple earlier than the day before.

I’m kidding myself if I think Sunday won’t bring a tinge of sadness as you all leave, taking your memories and leaving the farm feeling a bit… empty.

As it gets colder, you’ll be outside less each week, so ‘winterize’ your family and friends with warm memories filled with giggles and adventure.

I hope you can make it and make this into one last, magical weekend. You’ve nothing special to do but visit. Your visit is enough.

All we do is nothing without you to enjoy it. I hope you’ll enjoy it with us, one last time this season.

See you soon on the farm,

Farmer Hugh

FINAL Weekend activities at the farm:

  • Flashlight Night – Friday & Saturday 10AM-10PM, last ticket at 9PM! Get lost in the dark with your flashlight, but don’t worry, we never scare people here 🙂 Flashlight Nights are good for EVERYONE!
  • Apple Picking – Picking is over now 🙁 Plenty of apples in the farm market.
  • Maze Fun Park this Saturday features the FIRST Flashlight Night of 2021, so you can get lost in the DARK. Everyone LOVES exploring the maze with flashlights, and we NEVER scare people at Maize Quest, so it’s the perfect, fun date or family adventure.
  • Donuts! We are making our signature Apple Cider Donuts and much more this weekend in the bakery – make this your final stop of the day!
  • Cider: Who doesn’t want to kick off the harvest season with sweet apple cider!? Made with our apples by Kime’s, it is THE taste of Fall – plus we have cider slushies, too!
  • Open Air: EVERYTHING at the farm is a breezy, beautiful open-air attraction, so you can RELAX and enjoy acres and acres of space with your friends and family!

Check your forecast – it looks like Fall Harvest perfection Fri, Sat & Sunday, and the farm is open for you!

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