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New wines, while we’re keeping you safe & warm.

Secret look into the idea machine that drives Maize Quest’s quest for “The Next Big Thing.”

“You can’t have all your good ideas at once.” – Farmer Hugh.

Sometimes a new idea seems so obvious once you say it that Well, the temperatures are sliding down, and you might be wondering how you’re going to make it through the winter months without going stir-crazy.

Your friends here at Maple Lawn haven’t stopped working for you, even though we’ve closed our doors for the season!

On Saturday December 5th, we re-opening for one final Drive-Thru Event – “The Delicious December Drive-Thru”

At the Drive Thru event, you’ll be able to get one final order of all your favorites for family gatherings, treating yourself, sharing wine with friends, and just cozying on down by the fire with your family.

It’s a full-service event! We will put your pre-ordered items into your trunk while you stay safe & warm in your vehicle:

  • NEW wines! Our Blackberry Blossom and Strawberry Blossom wines launch exclusively at this event.
  • Dinner date: Kevin is cooking homemade Chicken Corn Soup and Beef Vegetable Soup, which you can order with our fresh-baked French Baguettes. Order plenty to take home, toss in the crockpot and savor for dinner, then freeze extra quarts for later!
  • FAVORITE wines: Cherry, Blueberry, Peach, Apple Blossom are all IN STOCK.
  • SPECIAL gift wines: Apple Infusion & Cherry Infusion are IN STOCK ready for you to share.
  • Harvest Pies: Blueberry, Cherry, Apple, Dutch Apple are all being hand-made locally for this event.
  • Holiday treats: Scones, cinnamon buns, cookies, and more.

Please help us spread the word!

We’ve never done a Drive-Thru in December, so people might not be looking forward to it! If you’ve done our drive-thrus before, please know that we have a timed-ticket arrival program to keep your wait to a minimum once you arrive at the farm.

We’re also planning a few fun decorations, lights and I might have even ordered a snow machine to make pick-up time a fun experience for the whole family….

Please order early to let our pie bakers get started and we hope to see you soon!

Stay safe & warm,

Farmer Hugh

PS Keep December 5th OPEN on your schedule and order early!

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