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Step-Over Maze Renovation hit a BIG snag with the Feds.

We never thought replacing the aging Step-Over Maze would bring the Federal Government to our door.

Latest from the farm!

Projects are underway for the 2021 season at the farm and Maize Quest. Many of you know our progress has been great so far! We’re redoing the corn maze tower and adding a Mega Slide lane, and in the prep for a new (Still Secret) attraction up by the Pedal Kart track, we ran into a snag.

You might have enjoyed the mind-bending challenge of the Step-Over Maze. The Step-Over Maze was a replacement for the Invisible Fence Maze – (YES, We actually had a dog fence in the ground and put collars on the kids – It’s didn’t last long…)

The Step-Over Maze was at the end of its life-span, and we have some great ideas for the prime location, but while we were digging and grading the area, we hit a snag. Well, not technically a snag; just look at the picture.


Technically, we hit a fossil. Logan was shocked when he saw the bones roll up as he was leveling with the skid steer and called me in a panic.

Initially, we thought we were on an episode of Law & Order, but we quickly realized that the bones were much older. While all of this is super fun for dino-nerds like us, it is a considerable inconvenience.


I called 15 phone numbers at the Smithsonian before reaching the paleontology dept. Dr. Elizabeth Smyser, head of the small raptor division, said, “You stop that digging right now or you’ll be in Federal Court!”

That was NOT what I expected, and the next thing we know, we’re being served “Cease & Desist” papers with the U.S. Government taking over the dig site. Hey, I’m all about dinosaursbut I’ve got a maze to build and a farm to run!

I’ve been back and forth with Dr. Smyser, and she was adamant that this could be a major discovery, so I asked if I could name the newly-minted dino skeleton.

I suggested “Maizy” or “Gatchellivillasaurous” or “Maple Rex” or, well, she asked me to stop offering suggestions.

What do you think?! Let me know if you think we should be allowed to name this new fossil find and if I should fight the Federal order to get them off the farm.

After all, we’ve got work to do!

Have a great week,


PS Don’t worry! Even if we get behind, we’ll find some way to “Dig Out” of it:-)

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