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The “First of the Lasts” -time keeps on tickin’

CLICK TO WATCH a beautiful flyover video of ALL the attractions, pumpkin patch, wagon rides and more – We took our time so you can really SEE everything. If you were ever struggling to tell someone about the farm, show them this video. You have to see it to believe it!

Farm: Mon-Sat 8AM-5PM, Sun 1PM-5PM

Maze: Friday – (tentatively 10AM-10PM, stay tuned for rain info!), Sat 10AM-10PM, Sun 1-6PM – Both look gorgeous!

Winery: Sat 12-6PM, Sun 1PM-6PM

The “First of the Lasts” – time keeps on tickin’

Hello from the farm!

Steve Miller Band’s 1972 hit song “Fly Like and Eagle” coined the phrase, “Time keeps on tickin’, tickin’, tickin’, into the future…”

Time relentlessly marches on. Sometimes I think that I’ve been ‘short-changed’ by time in that I have so much to do, but time moves at the same pace for everyone. No one gets extra! It’s 24 hours per day, and it always moves at the same speed. Those guys got it right.

In the 2nd verse, Steve talks about “Time Slippin’ into the future,” which is an equally important message. He talks about feed the children, finding homes for those without, and caring for each other; he says, “There is a solution.”

The key is YOUR choices; my choices. We can choose to use our time and watch TV, to read to our kids, to work on a project, to attend our kid’s sports, to build a business, to take a nap (I wish!), to go for a walk with your spouse – the choices are endless, but they are choices, and YOU must choose what to do.

I often tell my kids, “Don’t let the world happen to you, go make something happen.”

Last night it was warm and clear, and my wife invited me to go for a walk as we have enjoyed doing throughout the summer, but the weather got colder, and we’d gotten busier. I had a million things to do, but I deliberately chose to stop working and go for a walk with the girl I married.

In the middle of the walk, as we talked through our day, I couldn’t imagine why I’d even considered staying in my office!

The title “The First of the Lasts” is from my Facebook LIVE video this week. It is the seasonal “First of the Lasts”:

  • After October 25th, pumpkin picking stops – It’s Halloween!
  • After November 1st, apple picking stops – We have to save the apples from falling off the trees – please come pick now!
  • After November 8th, we close the maze for the season and harvest the cornfield.

So with three weekends to go, you have some decisions to make:

  • Will you get out of the house and out to the farm for one more visit?
  • Does anyone ever regret spending time outside with family? (I think we’re in for a long winter.)
  • What could be more important than time together as autumn slips away?

I know I’ve been yearning to travel, but that’s off the table for the foreseeable future. If you love to travel, why not stay close to home and visit us! It’s a change of scenery, your kids will be off screens, being ‘off the grid’ out here is a great excuse to decline another “Zoom Meeting,” and it’s all about to end.

Just three more weekends on the farm as the seasons change and time keeps on tickin’, into the future…

See you soon out on the farm,

Farmer Hugh

APPLES: Get JonaGold, Mutsu, Crispin, York Imperial, Rome, Smoothee Golds, Red Chief, and Stayman Apples u-pick this weekend.

Pick-your-own is our favorite way for our apples to find a home, and you can get the #1 varieties while supplies last in the orchards.

  1. Just $24/half bu, just $20 if you pick 2 or more bags.
  2. Remember that we’ll be selling these as pick-your-own in our one-time-use plastic 1/2 bushel picking bags so you can safely take the apples home after picking. Please, no containers from home.

Pumpkin Patch Prime Picking FINAL weekend!

Bring your mask for shopping indoors, riding the wagon and interacting with our staff, then enjoy mask-free picking as you can easily social distance in the gigantic pumpkin patch

Pumpkins are just $.75 per pound, but NO pumpkin costs more than $15 – no matter how big.

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