Marketing Tools

Camera & Video Tools

  • LINK: I am an Apple guy. Have been since the Apple II+ in the 80s. The iPhones are just magnificent for photos and video. We’ve created most of our social media pics and videos, especially LIVE videos, on iPhones.

Email Marketing Tools

  • LINK: MailChimp is our current recommendation for all but the most complex marketing businesses. MailChimp automatically integrates with Facebook and most other platforms for versatility. The $14/mo package allows event-based email campaigns, sometimes called autoresponders, which are key for marketing automation. (Imagine that you can send a series of timed emails automatically after a new lead completes a form.)

Graphic Design for Marketing Tools

  • LINK: Canva is the best for making Facebook post pics, event headers, cover photos, Instagram post pics and more. All templated designs so you don’t have to do much to customize and make each your own. We use the FREE version, but Canva Pro has many more extra features and designs to keep it fresh.

Social Media Scheduling Tools

  • LINK: We use to pre-schedule posts on 5 Facebook Pages and 3 Facebook groups. We use the $10/mo plan to allow streams, scheduling and multiple logins for employees.

Video Editing Tools

  • LINK: Screenflow Screenflow is an easy video editing program for prerecorded classes, advertising videos, and educational programs. Screenflow allows recording the screen and the webcam at the same time, easy audio imports and easy picture drop-ins. The timeline is easy to see what’s happening, text is easy to add and move around.