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Last 93 Flats, Slo-Mo Corn Trucks & what’s on a farmer’s mind.

Check out the progress on so many projects on the farm. Spring has sprung!


Strawberries from Patterson Farms last ~93 flats and going fast!

We have MORE treats for you, too.

  • #1. is we have our Strawberry Wine ready for this year’s event.
  • #2. Get a pound cake and NEW Strawberry Syrup for dessert.
  • #3. Why Cook? Pondview Farm is coming with Pit Meats, homemade Mac & Cheese, plus homemade Coleslaw meals for you to take home, too!

Last 93 Flats, Slo-Mo corn trucks & what’s on a farmer’s mind.

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Drive-Thru Strawberry Festival is almost SOLD OUT through with just 93 flats (approximately) to go!

THANK YOU for your support again this season as we welcome you back for a full-service drive-thru experience. Strawberries right in your trunk – No WORK for you!

Michelle & the girls spent all of Monday organizing, alphabetizing, color-coding, and prepping the order sheets and ‘window clings’ to make your experience easy and FUN as you collect your berries, wine, bakery treats, and pit beef dinners from Pond View Farm. (See pic below!)


So, what’s on a farmer’s mind this spring?

  • Timing. YES, everything always seems to work itself out, but the timing can be stressful. Our peaches made it through the frost, now we have to make sure they get blossom thinned, pruned and mowed so we can get YOU the very best peaches.
  • Our corn planter was due for some pretty exciting upgrades, we’ll cover that in the future should everything work out, but of course, the parts and new connections to GPS are taking FOREVER! Corn planting is a timely event, so it’s hectic trying to keep working around the corn planter fixes.
  • Building stuff in the Fun Park. We, too, need lumber for our projects and have had to modify the plan with lumber prices going through the roof. We are still getting things done, but one must always watch the budget.
  • Finally, gratitude. Gratitude fills my mind. Sure, we have daily troubles and headaches, but we are healthy, vaccinated, the sun shines every few days, and we’re going to work.

So often, I hear people say, “Everything will finally be good, once I don’t have to work.”

For me it is the other way ’round.

“I’m so happy to have work, to have purpose, to be able to provide for my family and staff – I can’t wait to get to work and get something good done.”

(Ok, to be honest, I could enjoy ONE weekend off, maybe just an afternoon, please?!)

Have a great week & please spread the word about FINAL strawberry orders, if you would!

Farmer Hugh

PS We will not have as many flats this year, so please order early to reserve yours. We will have plenty of wine and bakery products you may still order once the strawberry flats run out 🙂

The Second-Ever, Drive-Thru Strawberry Festival at Maple Lawn Farms May 22nd, 2021. You may order NOW!


Pause for a minute and think how good a thick slice of pound cake from the bakery, smothered in fresh, juicy strawberries you just cut and sugared…

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