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Strawberries, Dairy, & Blueberries – Gratitude on this day.

I thought this floral American Flag was cool as we are planting flowers like crazy this week:-)

Thoughts from the farm on Memorial Day .

Hey Friends,

Though I didn’t serve in the military, though, like so many of us, have family members who did. Today, as my most significant problems are wrapped up in figuring out when to plant sunflowers, how to prepare for blueberry season, and which opportunities my kids might enjoy as they grow into functioning members of society, I am filled with personal gratitude for all those who served and are currently serving this great country.

Politics is not the subject of this email. The subject is people, real people. You see, politicians come and go, make decisions (or don’t), focus on self-interest, and generally stay isolated from the front lines.

Today, I salute those on the front lines. Though politicians have come and gone, throughout our country’s history, men and woman, of all skin colors (many before they were accepted, recognized, let alone celebrated) believed so fervently in the cause of freedom, that they signed up to lay down even their very lives for the rest of us.

They stood on the front lines, so you and I could complain about traffic, yell at a referee for a bad call, and shop for groceries in stores stocked to the gills with more food than we could ever eat.

Did you ever think about that? I mean, seriously, how well are you using this incredible state of freedom we have so graciously been given in America? Are you helping friends, family, your neighbors grow & prosper, or are you criticizing people up on Twitter?!

Though we criticize and pontificate, brave men and women show up when we dial 911. Brave does not mean perfect, but still, policemen & women answer the call – our call – to maintain the peace and make it so safe that the vast majority of us will never encounter a violent situation in our whole life.

Fire personnel guard our homes, our possessions, safely divert traffic, and save thousands of lives each day. Sure, we picture them charging into burning buildings, but the sheer volume of day-to-day work they handle to maintain our abundant society is unseen and unbelievable.

Medical professionals transport patients, deliver life-saving treatment on the roadside, care for our grandparents when they fall; they touch every family in the nation at some point in each of our lives.

I know, I know, “..but what about the time when…” There are always exceptions, even in exceptional groups of people. I bet YOU have made decisions you regret – I know I have. We must treat people with kindness, respect, and make the jobs they perform as easy as possible for them!

Consider this: Would you like to live in a world in which only your mistakes are shared & discussed? What if they weren’t even your particular mistakes, but because you had the same job they were attributed to you? What about all the times you did the right thing? Performed your job perfectly? Saved the day? Made a great decisions? I know I would like some margin granted to me for the many times I have fallen short.

So today, I encourage you to focus your gratitude and celebration on the incredible majority of incredible people that do incredible amounts of service work on the front lines. So many of whom go unnoticed and unthanked, and they STILL do their jobs with excellence and care for you and for me.

That’s how I’ll be spending this beautiful Memorial Day.

So, if you are a hard-working member of the military, police, fire services, medical professionals or first responders, this farmer salutes you, cares deeply for you and your personal safety, and stands forever proud of your contributions to this country.

Your work makes our lives better. Thank you!

May we, each day, live in a way deserving of your sacrifice.

Farmer Hugh

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