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Register for “How to be ready for anything.”

We ARE recording, so if you can’t make it LIVE you won’t miss out – Listen, learn, absorb and share with each other during this important meeting. You’re invited to participate in this webinar, even BEFORE the webinar! Please reply to me and let me know your thoughts, biggest fears & plans for adapting and I’ll make sure to work it into the presentation.

Hey gang,

I am NOT a “Worst Case Scenario” kinda guy, but after last year, I realized that planning is an exercise in preventing emergencies.

If you think through all the possibilities, and plan for them, you can’t be blindsided; wasting time adjusting to the shock of an unexpected event.

Maize Quest, John Kennedy & TicketSpice pooled resources to get you actual data from Maize Quest clients and TicketSpice’s extensive agritourism statistics to bring you the information you need to prepare a plan for on-the-fly changes from government regulations. We’ve even added some information from a recent call I had with Randy White of White-Hutchinson Leisure Consultants.

(Just a quick note: While Shadi will join us for the ticketing data and information this is NOT a TicketSpice demo. Please here as we’ve so much to cover, we can’t spend too much time on ticketing specifics.)

We are getting together online THIS Wednesday, between the first & second weeks of our own Sunflower Festival, to fill you in on what’s happening in the industry.

Hopefully, this helps you be ready, maybe even a little more “ready-er” than we were, as Fall season is nearly upon us.

Join us, for the webinar!

Proactive Fall Season Prep: How to be ready for anything.

Wednesday, Aug 18, at 4:00 pm EDT

(Recordings will be sent to ANY registrant, in case you miss the LIVE meeting, so feel free to register even if you’d only like a recording.)

What you are going to get from Proactive Fall Season Prep:

  • Hugh’s Adage, “Panic NOW, so you don’t have to panic later.”
  • Marketing – How to drive attendance when every other attraction, sports league, and school is open. (Learn Hugh’s plan + insight from a call with Randy White)
  • Supplies – Prep critical supplies, limit choice, and stay open.
  • Staffing – Recruiting, training, and safety prep is vital John Kennedy’s WTF (Work the FIVES,, what were you thinking?)
  • Regulation Reaction Prep – Create your plan for each ‘level.’
  • Ticketing – How to prevent a disaster by preparing for the worse ‘level.’
  • Finally, “The rainbow behind the clouds of uncertainty.”

What we ask in return:

  • Connect ahead of time by replying to this email with your questions, concerns or updates on you local area.
  • Be ready to turn your camera on and participate during the meeting.
  • Leave with at least ONE Proactive step you can take before Fall season begins.

See you Wednesday at 4PM EST,


PS Sound weird that “Mr. Positivity” occasionally panics? I a real person and I get worried, too. This presentation is not meant to bring gloom and doom, but instead bring the freedom of preparedness and allow you to enjoy a profitable Fall season – no matter what happens.

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