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What’s new at the 2021 Sunflower Festival at Maple Lawn Farms

We are planting like crazy with over 50 varieties to create more vistas like these than ever.

2021 Sunflower Ticketing is LIVE!

Hello from the farm!

What a difference a year makes! We are planning to be open for the sunflower festival in 2021 starting Aug 6th and we have LOTS in store for you!See you soon in the fields,

So, the plan for YOUR festival experience:

  • NEW 1-acre of recently planted lavender will make a minor appearance as it grows into a July festival of its own in 2022.
  • NEW varieties: Jenny ordered 51 varieties, many are multi-branching meaning you get a dozen blooms or more showing for pictures from each seed – It’ll be even MORE flowers to see!
  • NEW colors: Red Hedge, Strawberry Blonde, SunRich Lime, Double Quick Orange and so many more will light up your photos as you explore the field.
  • NEW buckets: We’ve added a few new buckets to the line-up of favorites, but each has a limited quantity, so you’ll want to pre-order as soon as you can.
  • 75% capacity – We are moving from 40% capacity to 75% capacity and, following CDC guidelines, vaccinated guests are not required to wear masks. However, masks are always welcome if you are more comfortable that way!
  • Timed ticketing is here to stay. We found that we had a much nicer, more comfortable flow of guests yielding a more enjoyable experience when we used timed ticketing, so reserve your date and time ahead, then relax and enjoy your time in the field.
  • Sunflower Festival fields are open Aug 6-8, 13-15, 20-22 ONLY.

Please stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram for details, or just reserve your tickets today for the 2021 Sunflower Festival at Maple Lawn Farms.



We can’t wait to see you!

Farmer Hugh

MORE Sunflower Buckets! limited quantities we’ll have on site, so PLEASE pre-order with your tickets online.
Show off your creativity as your photos bring smiles and joy to your social followers! What will you create in our field of sunflowers?

Your experience and comfort is our top priority! We are only allowing 60 guests per half hour, so you must reserve in advance.

Don’t you deserve a drive in the country?

Aren’t you ready to get a little joy in your life?

Surely you know someone who adores sunflowers, right?

Make a safe, beautiful day of it with someone special in your life and join us for sunflowers, wine, peaches, apples whoopie pies and more.

What could be better?

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